Private policy

When using a MOJI port (It's called "We" in the following.) and services & goods of Rakuno-yu group, a private policy is applied.
【2】The use purpose of personal information
Customer's personal information is acquired and used at the following destination.
  • Stay, banquet, the reservation which can be put a restaurant and the hotel accommodation at the reservation desk for service and customer's safety variously
  • Offer and management for guidance of goods, event and promotion.
  • Implementation of a questionnaire about services and goods.
  • Development of new services and goods.
  • All business attendant and related to each of the above items.
  • Business about services and offer of goods.
  • Offer the various guidance and information concerning services, goods, event and campaign handled and treated by Rakuno-yu group and/or collaborated enterprises.
  • Contact, correspondence to customer's request
【3】The acquisition of the personal information
Customer's personal information is acquired by the proper and just means.
【4】Elucidation and offer to a third party
We elucidate or don't offer customer's personal information to a third person except for the case when we come under following one of them. Further it isn't cross with elucidation to a third party or an offer in case of common use and an offer to an operation outsourcing destination.
  1. When there is agreement of the customer person himself.
  2. When elucidation and an offer could be asked based on a decree.
  3. When it is necessary for protection of the life of the person, a body and/or goods, at the difficulty to get customer's consent.
  4. In terms of national or local governments, etc. to practice the public affairs, in a case where there is a need to cooperate, if there is a risk that detrimental to the performance of the office work by obtaining customer's consent.
  5. Statistical data is elucidated in the state from which the person himself can't be distinguished, disclosed and offered.
【5】Trust of business
We entrust the part of the business and offer personal information by the necessary area to an operation outsourcing destination. We may supervise appropriately including a conclusion of contract about handling between these operations outsourcing destination in this case.
【6】Management of personal information
Customer's personal information is being managed appropriately as well as maximum notice is being taken for the prevention by which leaks are loss and garble, etc.. Internal education is performed to an official and an employee about protection of customer's personal information and appropriate handling. One after expiration concerned will set the retention period of the personal information separately according to the use destination, and abrogates this by an appropriate way.
【7】Elucidation, correction, elimination, addition, a use stop and erasure
For personal data that we and/or Rakuno-yu possess and after confirming that a claimant is the person himself, we will do the following response in a reasonable period of time and scope, in the event that you will elucidate, correct, delete, add, erase or suspend the use by yourself in a way fixed. However, the person in question or a third party of life, health, if there is a risk of harm to property, etc., if resulting in a significant hindrance to the implementation of our business, or if you will be in violation of other laws and regulations, in whole or in one, there is a thing to refuse a part of your claim.
  1. We will answer elucidation.
  2. We will make correction of contents after investigating the contents concerning correction, deletion and addition etc.
  3. We will make the suspension of use or erasure.
However, there may become unable to provide reluctantly service along to your request by the use stop and erase, please request in advance on your note.
【8】Method of elucidation and inquiries
Your requirement with respect to the data you possess based on the preceding clause and inquiries of other personal information will be done in the undermentioned way. It should be noted that the reservation confirmation of accommodation, banquet, and restaurant are acceptable to the responsible person of the hotel with free of charges. However, when confirmation of the case that you're the person himself (otherwise, confirmation of being your representative by the contents) can't be done, we'll decline the inquiries from you. Thank you for your understanding.
Reception desk
Disclose, correct, delete, add, suspension of use, erasing and purpose of notification, on the accompanying documents required in a given claim form, we have the acceptance by mail to the address below.
Your request destination by the telephone and the internet
TEL: 093-382-3322 (MTN)
Business hours: 09:30~17:00 (except for the weekend and holiday)
E-mail address:
Your request destination by mailing
13-26, 3 Chome, Ozatohonmachi Moji-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka, 800-0063 Attention to: MOJI port personal information
13-26, 3 Chome Oozatohonmachi, Moji-ku, Kitakyuushu City, Fukuoka Pref., 300-0063 Japan