※No reservation is requested for room charge at ¥2,000 ~¥3,300.
※Reservation availability for room charge at ¥3,800 ~ ¥4,200


410 Nusa indah
411 Cempaka
412 Sandat


401 Lotus
402 Melati
403 Water lily


404 Hibiscus
405 Bougainvillea


406 Mauna Loa
407 Flamboyant 
408 Frangipani


409 Golden Candle
※In case of a day trip, there is no preparation of bedclothes.  
※No smoking allowed in any bathroom.
※Amenities: Bath towel × 2, hairbrush, Hair dryer, Shampoo, Body soap conditioner (These are equipped with free of charges)

The feature of the hot spring

Hot spring quality: This hot spring includes weak radioactivity, iron, sodium, calcium, magnesium and chloride. Hot water is replaced each, so you can be satisfied with a hot spring excellent in quality sufficiently.

Radon hot spring

  • An ingredient as a radon is included much so that this hot spring is called a common name "Radon Hot Spring".
  • It is said that the radioactivity of the small amount from a radon shows the recuperation effect of the activation of immune cell and the renewed promotion.
  • Since the gush is very little in Japan, radon hot spring is the very valuable hot-spring quality. There are the similar radon hot spring places in Japan, they are Misasa hot spring in Tottori Pref. and Tamagawa hot spring in Akita Pref.
三朝温泉(鳥取県) 玉川温泉(秋田県)

Iron-rich hot spring

  • Iron is included much so that our hot spring called a common name "Iron-rich hot spring".
  • This iron-rich hot spring takes effect for keeping warm effect, undergrowth of an ovary, a poor circulation and a chronic women's disease. It is called "child's hot water".
  • This is the hot spring with a powerful that cloudy to brown on contact with air. The famous places for this iron-rich hot spring are Noboribetsu Spa in Hokkaido and Arima Spa in Hyogo Pref.
登別温泉(北海道) 有馬温泉(兵庫県)

Common salt spring

  • The salinity is included much in this hot spring that is called a common name common salt spring".
  • The salinity makes them promote circulation of blood, and it is said that they show the keeping moist effect and the bactericidal effect.
  • An Ingredient as "Metasilicate Acid" is included in our hot spring much, resulting into mild to the skin.
熱海温泉(静岡県) 有馬温泉(兵庫県)
13-26, 3 Chome Oozatohonmachi, Moji-ku, Kitakyuushu City, Fukuoka Pref., 300-0063 Japan